Working Remotely – A Workforce Trend

By December 1, 2017 No Comments

Is the thought of working from home or working remotely appealing to you, especially as the market shifts and working from home has become a more viable option, with technology evolving more and faster than ever?
Technology, including faster internet, applications like Skype for Business and Adobe Room making meetings smoother, faster, and more efficient than ensuring everyone is actually in the right meeting room for the first ten minutes before the meeting even starts, that is.

Besides the above, a few other reasons you might be attracted to the idea…

• More than just cutting down on office noise, background chatter, and that one colleague of yours in 2B whose conversations you can always hear, no matter if they close the door, working from home can help increase your productivity. Imagine how much you can get done, and how much more productive you can be, if you had total silence around you!

• Cut down on your transportation costs. Is that monthly public transit costing you an arm and a leg? Worse yet, is filling up your tank weekly eating into much needed money you could definitely be using elsewhere? Working from home takes that sky-high bill right down to $0.
Plus, instead of having to give your boss yet another reason you are running 30 minutes late, because no matter what you seem to do, you still can’t seem to miss those morning accidents and pile ups, you can simply log right in to your computer.

• Taking the money you might spend each month and spending it elsewhere, instead of having to spend it on office attire to ensure you always look business ready. You could work from that spare bedroom you have, the room you’ve unofficially always called your office, or even your kitchen table.

Working from home and working remotely has become a more viable option, especially in the past few years. What other trends will 2018 and beyond bring, that will continue to change the working world?